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Aslan - Wall Decor

Aslan - Wall Decor

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▪ Availability: Made-to-order

▪ Size: 26"x20"x20"

▪ Processing time: 4-6 weeks by 100% Handmade 

▪ Shipping time: Generally 5-7 days by UPS Ground

▪ Cost to ship: Free

▪ Packing: Heavy-duty moving box

▪ Material: Electro-Galvanized Metal

Meet "Aslan - Wall Decor" – our regal wall decor that exudes strength and elegance. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this lion-inspired masterpiece commands attention and transforms your space into a sanctuary of style. Elevate your walls with the regal presence of "Aslan - Wall Decor" – where power meets sophistication. Redefine your space with Aslan today.

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