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▪ Availability: Made-to-order

▪ Size: 55"x37"x53"

▪ Processing time: 4-6 weeks by 100% Handmade 

▪ Shipping time: Generally 5-7 days by UPS Ground

▪ Cost to ship: Free

▪ Packing: Heavy-duty moving box

▪ Material: Electro-Galvanized Metal

Step into the realm of regality with "Aslan" – an exquisite sculpture that transcends artistry. This captivating piece, inspired by the majestic lion, brings a touch of untamed elegance to your space. Crafted with meticulous detail, "Aslan" stands as a symbol of strength, courage, and the wild beauty of the animal kingdom.

As you gaze upon the intricacies of this sculpture, you'll discover a fusion of precision and passion. Every contour and line tells a story of power and sophistication, making "Aslan" more than a mere decoration – it's a statement, a conversation starter, and an embodiment of the majestic spirit it represents.

Made from high-quality materials, "Aslan" is a timeless addition to your collection, inviting you to explore the extraordinary. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or an art connoisseur, let "Aslan" redefine your space, infusing it with the regal presence that only a lion can command.

Transform your surroundings with "Aslan" – where strength meets art in a captivating fusion. Unleash the allure of the wild, and bring home the essence of majesty to grace your space with enduring elegance.

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