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▪ Availability: Made-to-order

▪ Size: 73"x40"x37"

▪ Processing time: 4-6 weeks by 100% Handmade 

▪ Shipping time: Generally 5-7 days by UPS Ground

▪ Cost to ship: Free

▪ Packing: Heavy-duty moving box

▪ Material: Electro-Galvanized Metal

Introducing "Bodacious" – A Symbol of Power and Legend!

Transform your space with the untamed beauty of our 3D metal sculpture inspired by the legendary bull, Bodacious. Crafted with precision and rugged elegance, this Bull Decor is a bold statement piece that captures the spirit of resilience and power.

Named after the iconic Bodacious, each piece is a fusion of artistry and strength. Made from premium metal, it's not just decor – it's a lasting symbol of untamed beauty and enduring legend.

Whether you're a collector or seeking a striking centerpiece, let the Bodacious redefine your space. Explore the extraordinary – embrace the spirit of a legend and adorn your rooms or halls with this symbol of power and timeless allure.

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